Your scheduled arrival time is usually one hour before your procedure is schedules to begin. During this time, you will be prepared for the procedure. We make every effort to remain on schedule. However, delays can occur. Each case is given individual attention, and patients can be assured that their cases are given appropriate time and personnel to ensure the highest quality of care.

Before You Arrive

Careful attention to the following instructions will help ensure your safety and comfort. Failure to comply will cause your procedure to be postponed or cancelled.

  • Any special lab work or x-rays necessary for your procedure will be arranged by your physician prior to the date of your surgery.
  • Follow any special instructions given to you by your physician.
  • DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE. This includes water, chewing gum and mints. You may brush your teeth the morning of your procedure, remembering not to swallow anything. Even if you are scheduled for local anesthetic, please follow these instructions, as plans could change.
  • Refrain from smoking after midnight before your procedure.
  • Arrange for an adult to remain in the center during your procedure and drive you home. Public transportation may not be used. Failure to have appropriate transportation will result in cancellation of your procedure. This policy is for your safety and protection. In the case of young children having surgery, it is best to have someone along with the driver to help care for the child.

Preparing For Your Surgery

  • We suggest you wear comfortable, loose clothing. You will wear a patient gown during your procedure.
  • If you wear contact lenses, be sure to bring a case, as you will not be allowed to wear them during the procedure.
  • Leave all valuables at home. We are not responsible for the loss of valuables such as jewelry, credit cards, cash, etc., and you will not be able to keep those items with you during your procedure.
  • Bring your medications or a list of your medication and dosages.
  • Bring your insurance/Medicare/Medicaid card with you, even if you have already provided this information by phone. You will also need identification, such as a driver’s license.
  • For younger children, please bring a favorite toy or blanket, an empty bottle or sippy cup, and diapers. Children may wear their pajamas to the center.
  • If you are having, foot or knee surgery, please bring a pillow to elevate the operative site for the ride home.

After the Procedure

  • Your condition will be closely monitored by our professional staff.
  • When you are awake, you will be allowed to visit with a family member or friend.
  • You will remain in recovery until your physician or anesthesiologist feels you are ready to be discharged home or to our extended recovery care unit.
  • Specific instructions for your home care will be given to you, both verbally and in writing. Please feel free to ask your nurse about your instructions.

After Discharge

  • For the first 24 hours after your procedure:
  • DO NOT drive or operate machinery.
  • DO NOT make any important decisions or sign important papers
  • DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages
  • Closely follow your discharge instructions and your doctor’s instruction about recovery.
  • We will call you at home to ensure you are feeling and doing well.
  • If you experience any unexpected problems after discharge, please call your physician.
  • In case of an emergency Call 911 and/or go to the nearest emergency room.

Patient Forms

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